Carpet Types

We stock a full range of Carpets from Luxury Wool Carpets to Hard-wearing Bleach Cleanable Carpets

WOOL 80/20.

These extremely hard wearing carpets have been popular for many years, the UK has traditionally been the main manufacturers of this popular carpet as the quality of the wool is second to none .they are constructed of 80 %wool and 20% man-made fibre. The man-made element gives the carpet strength and durability. These carpets are available in different weights used in most areas of the home that require a tough carpet that will maintain it’s looks for years


These carpets are usually made from 100% wool and because of there looped construction are very hard wearing and offer a textured appearance to the carpet.


This long luxurious carpet has rocketed in popularity over the past few years, recent innovations in stain resistance and wearability have made this carpet versatile and can be used in any room including stairs. We stock a wide variety, with a wide variety of pile lengths and density. New designs with different finishes and colours are being added to the ranges all the time, with the finished products looking not unlike wool or soft touch sheen finishes. Many are now made with the bleach cleanable finish so making them even more practical


These carpets are usually eye catching colours and designs .they are often used extensively on stairs and landing areas, as well as most rooms in the home were a modern look is required .they are made in most carpet types ie Berbers and saxony


These extremely durable carpets are made from polypropylene and are used throughout the home.they have proven popular because they offer practicality and low price.